Ice Throne

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Ice Throne

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:29 am

[12:16:58 AM] Aldrid D'Elifore: //takes her corpse to his castle in the heart of a frozen land, bitter And dark, where time had stopped long long ago - where no more warmth would reach; and he sat alone in this place on his throne of ice, desolate and forgotten.//
[12:18:15 AM] Evollette: -This Bitch craved on his throne of ice while he was not around. A heart with their entails in it on the arm of it.-
[12:21:02 AM] Aldrid D'Elifore: //his fingers brushed along those initials etched into the ice, and his tears froze before they could fall, and he knew then that the dawn he so desperately hoped for would never come -- for there was no more tomorrow, and all that was yesterday would eventually fade into vague memory.//
[12:25:30 AM] Evollette: -Dawn died, and with it the promise of tomorrow. The world forever cast in an endless cascade of darkness. And with the absence of light the world would die, a harsh, painful death. And so the world became that of ice and only the King upon his throne remembered the Dawn that all have suffered and forgotten.-


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