The Woman With the Golden Heart

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The Woman With the Golden Heart

Post by Aldrid on Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:25 am

Once upon a time there was a young woman, but this woman wasn't anything like most women. She had a heart of gold, but she thought it was made of brass and the more people saw it, the more angry and jealous they became, slowly tarnishing the heart of gold. So the girl with the heart of gold began to forget how lovely she actually was… and she began to dwindle. You see gold is very soft and needs to be taken care of. But then one day, a strange man came to her. This man was a speaker of hearts, and he could see into any heart. Most were dark, bitter and broken. But when he saw into the woman with the heart of gold, he saw the dents and divets, but it had yet to break still. So he went to her and the two began to talk. Eventually, the woman gave the man her heart hoping to fix it... he polished it and molded the dents but some would not come out which made the woman very sad. But the man smiled to her and told her heart would always be beautiful, and that sometimes the world will try to tarnish it or harm it... but her heart had the color of the sun, and with it came a great warmth. It didn't matter how many times the sun set or the clouds darkened out the sky - the sun was always shining and so should her heart.


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