Love of Nothing

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Love of Nothing

Post by Aldrid on Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:23 am

Once upon a time there was a young man who traveled about the world. This man didn't have a whole lot, but for what he did, he always gave it to someone else in need. Eventually over the years the man grew old and barely had the clothes on his frail back.

Until one day he found a village of orphans crying for their misery and fear. So the man settled down to teach the children and give them the comfort they craved. Time continued to wear on, and soon enough people would come seeking to adopt his children until one by one they were all gone, except one lonely child.

This child grew up with the now old man, and as he did so, the man began to give parts of him, as they were all that was left. First he gave his eyes so the boy could see the world for its great and terrible beauty.

Then he gave his hearing, so that the boy would know to listen for the sounds of evil... next came the man's wisdom, and he had only one thing left to him. His happiness.

The boy wondered if he could have that too, and when he asked the old man just smiled. The boy grew flustered and eventually decided to leave on his own leaving the old man to die alone ...

But you see, for all he had given the boy, he couldn't give up his happiness, because it was the one thing that the years had given back to him...the one and only gift he had received in those cherished moments spent with the boy.


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