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Another Half

Post by Aldrid on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:54 pm

Blood. The smell of it filled his mouth, and the strangled cries of death pierced the peaceful solitude of the woods, tickling his ears and setting his haunches on end. He grinned. It was a beautiful sound, the echoing cries of carnage and despair. His loping gait instinctively took him towards the ringing sounds of steel striking steel, and pillars of smouldering smoke. Darkness blacked out the sun and when he looked up, he couldn't help but sneer at the carrion birds that circled over head, waiting for an impending feast.

"Oh how foolish..." he murmured in a deep, rumbling voice, his body trembling with delight. He lay himself down to the cool forest floor and watched as men killed men. Could he have his fun now? Where was the other? He sensed it, half to a whole, lingering on the peripheral of neither here nor there. It didn't matter. Rising to his feet, the beast lumbered out of the trees, unseen by the ones trying so hard to live and kill. He was a shadow among them, running between them and tearing out throats with teeth, or bowling them over with his large mass; eyes watched him with horror, the eyes of those on the threshold of death. They were not for him, though, laying broken and bleeding, and waiting to be claimed - no, he wanted those who ran, he wanted the hunt.

The Ghost-Wolf snarled his laughter, the sound greeted by a sharp crack of thunder. "Yes! More! More!" he cried, and bound off after an archer being ridden down by a horseman. The Wolf had gotten there first. With a quick jerk of his head, he snapped the man's neck and turned to pounce on another. It was a day of fun. Eventually there was no one left - only those who had earned the right to live, and the ones left to his counterpart, the grace of mercy in opposition to his brutality. Sauntering off from the field, he looked back over his shoulder in time to see a glimmering light through the trees. Yes. They had come. His other. He let out one, single loud bark in greeting, before curling up in the shadows of the trees once more, waiting for his kinsmen's return.


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